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This page is dedicated to my idol, who is named Legato. Yes he is an anime character. This page is filled only with stuff to do with Legato. Sadly this proves I am a fangirl even if I am a guy but it doesen't mean I want to sleep with him whuch I do NOT want to do.


Legato Bluesummers:

Knives loyal follower, Legato's devoted to him and carries out his every wish. He follows Knives cause he knows he is a superior being, and doesn't care much for the human race. Knives recruited legato after the July incident to make Vash's life a living hell. From that point on, Legato continues to weave a living nightmare for Vash, not only on his own but also through the gang of eleven super powered killers who are under his command: the Gung-Ho Guns. Legato himself possesses dark power: the ability to control people's bodies against their will and these telekinetic powers come from the fact that he has Vash's left arm. When Knives shot it off, it was attached to Legato. This is why Legato can control other people's bodies (originally one of Vash's and Knives' powers) and can activate Vash's angel arm the same way Knives did in July. He's kind of psychotic, using his mind control powers to kill people. But who dosen't love that. He has no sympathy for mankind, and tries to teach people the pain of living. He loves to hurt people, especially Vash. That's his mission, to make Vash suffer for all eternity. Himself and The Gung-Ho Guns do a excellant job of it. He forces Vash to use his angel arm and destroy an entire city even if one of The Gung-Ho Guns is in that city. Legato is a calm, serious, and heartless human but there is one other unique feature to him and that is how he loves to eat food and you see him doing this throughout the show from a hot dog, ice cream sunday, or steak. His favorite bit of poetic justice is to make gangs of people who oppose him shoot each other, and this special power is what finally forces Vash to cross the line. In the end, Legato forces Vash to choose...either Vash kills him, or Vash's friends die. It's apparent he's ready to die, feeling he is just a pathetic human like the rest and then he does die by Vash's gun and he dies smiling because he knows that he made Vash break his promise about not to kill any living thing no matter what. To me Legato is the most evil character besides Knives.

Basic Info on Legato:

-Race: Human
-Gender: Male
-Hair: Blue
-Eyes: Gold
-Height: About 6'1
-Status: Leader of The Gung-Ho Guns and loyal servant to Knives
-American Voice: Richard Hayworth
-Japenese Voice: Toshihiko Seki
-Anime: Trigun

Quotes From Legato:

-"The power of death is intoxicating..."
-"Madam? Another spoon pl--"
-"Too hasty maggot"
-"Eventually I will obliterate every last trace of mankind"
-"Why must you rush... the inevitable?"
-"There are so many of you. Are you moving in?"
-"Should I desire... I could kill every single person within fifty meters of here in under two seconds"
-"Fine, kill each of them swiftly..."
-"But not all... KILL HALF OF THEM"
-"It was mere luck that spared you from becoming a slab on that mountain behind me"

Legato Icons:










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