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About Me

This is the page where I'll describe myself in more detail.

Basic Info:

-Name: Gary Provencher

-Sex: male

-Age: 17

-Birthday: July 12

-Location: Townsend, Mass

-Status: Straight and Single

-Religion: N/A


-Height: 6'6

-Weight: 160lbs ?

-Nationality: American

-Skin Color: white

-Eye color: Hazel

-Hair Color: dirty blonde

-Hair Style: bushy

-Clothes: black clothes

Favorite Things:

-Food: sushi

-Video Game: still deciding...

-TV Show: Trigun (anime)

-Movie: Underworld

-Music/Band: Hell Within

-Book: Trigun (manga)

-Quote: "The power of death is intoxicating..."

-Class: History

-Color: Black

-Game: Dungeon and Dragons

-Other: My friends

Least Favorite Things:

-Food: School Food

-Video Game: Sports related

-TV Show: Friends

-Movie: All Chick Flicks

-Music/Band: Rap/Rap Groups

-Book: House on Mango Street

-Quote: "Everyone is created equal"

-Class: English

-Color: White

-Game: Basketball

-Other: guess... you see what i hate every day... (email me your gues)


-My Idol: Legato (From Trigun)

-Members in Family: 3 Others

-Pets: 1 Bird and 2 Cats

-School: North Middlesex Regional High School